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Daily changes

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I’m a hypocrite. Not a willing one, nor do I wish to remain so. I’m hypocritical because in my work, I espouse the need to move, be active daily, and yet… I fall short of this so many times. Most… Read More »Daily changes

Food forest vs. lawn

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I’ve been deep diving into this permaculture notion. Something about it is so compelling. Perhaps it is the feeling you can do something positive, makes some sustainable changes that mean something. Perhaps it is the voice of a creative excited… Read More »Food forest vs. lawn

Sweet as honey

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Back quite a few years ago, I was on a month-long dance residency in Germany. I was having the time of my life: we’d wake (often early), head into the dance studio to dance, break for an afternoon of home-grown… Read More »Sweet as honey

Lemmens 1.0

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I like helping people. Always have. But wanting so much to help you left me paralysed with my words. It was too hard, the possibilities too many, to successfully offer advice. It depended on you, your body, your lifestyle… So,… Read More »Lemmens 1.0

Do. The. Thing.

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I want to try that. It’s a thought I have frequently, and I’m going to assume that you might too. What stops you? For me? Most of the time? It’s fear. Day in, day out I have ideas, thoughts and… Read More »Do. The. Thing.