Becky, Jodi and John

Where: Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia Some performances fail to move me. It’s inevitable really. As individuals we are primed to respond to differing things, and an art form so visual, abstract or experimental is sometimes difficult to connect with. I don’t… Read More »Becky, Jodi and John


Where: Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Australia Chunky Move, renowned for their innovative synergy of both dance and other art forms comes together in yet another work embracing visual magnitude and movement. “Connected”, a collaboration involving five dancers and a moving sculpture… Read More »“Connected”


Where: Meat Market, Melbourne, Australia A space was created, the darkness tangible. The sound was piercing, thrumming through the floor boards into your secluded space. Each member of the audience nursed a cup – sake or green tea? – and… Read More »Sunstruck


Where: Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia I went to see Luke George’s performance NOW NOW NOW at Dancehouse, North Carlton. Here’s a little bit about what I thought… NOW NOW NOW Luke George. Seeker of all things nigh unquestionable. Playing with the… Read More »NOW NOW NOW


I went to see a dance show last night. Finally. It felt so good! I was so excited about my art form, it’s possibilities and it’s quirks… I recognised no-one in the crowd (unusual given the smallness of the dance… Read More »Bromance